Road Trip to Emporia, Kansas - Day 1

I began the day around 5:00am, which is not my normal time to be awake.  As a matter of fact, usually, I'm sleeping so well, I don't even hear my husband get up and get ready for his day.  Most of the time, he has to wake me up to say goodbye every morning.  Let's just put it this way, I am NOT a morning person.  But, today was different.  I'm excited to go to the GRS Training Center for a week long session in engraving and stone setting, so 5:00am was not too soon for me this morning.

I finished packing my bags, packed the car and made sure I had all my documents ready to go.  At around 8:45am, I jumped in the card and took to the road.  I've always been a huge fan of road trips.  At one point, I had over 150,000 miles on my pickup in less than 5 years!  So, an 1,100-mile trip is a piece of cake.

My workshop doesn't start until Monday, but I wanted to stop in a few places before I made it to the bed and breakfast on Sunday.  One stop, Nashville.  I took a little bit of a detour by taking the Great Smokey Mountain Parkway through Gaitlinburg and Pigeon Forge.  I cruised through these two towns because I had thought it would be fun to go with my husband to Dollywood and stay in a cabin.  Well...

I've changed my mind on that idea.  I didn't realize how commercialized and crazy these two "little" towns have become.  I didn't recognize the quaint little mountain towns at all.  So many hotels, motels, restaurants, theme carnivals and boy, just too much!  No trip to Dollywood for us!

This little detour took about 3 hours, so I ended up not making it to Nashville until rush hour traffic.  As much as I love road trips, I HATE traffic, so I drove right by it...  Instead, I stopped here in Clarksville and will be heading out on the second leg of the trip in the morning.  Next major stop...  St. Louis, MO.  Hopefully, I'll get there early enough to avoid weekend traffic and see the Cahokia Mounds.  Well, they're actually in Collinsville, IL, so I'll be tipping into Illinios to see the mounds.

Pics to come with the next visit!